Visions of a New Internet

Connor Borrego

July 26, 2023

Been a bit since my last update, right? Well, these past two weeks were anything but dull. We had all sorts of things going on, from alien disclosures to fascist crypto launches. Web3 even scored some legal wins. And in the best interest of our beloved investors, we’ve been knocking items off our project list, including a big win promoting a digital event for our latest client.

Today, I’m touching on why big egos like Sam Altman and Elon Musk care so damn much about owning your identity. I also have to say that it’s a tough pill to swallow as a former Musk Stan, but the Twitter rebrand should get “X”d.

Additionally we have a first look at our Lite Paper. This is the architecture for our project, and it’s all about helping you to keep control of your Digital ID. Let’s keep it simple, keep it real. Let’s get back to it.

– Connor

*if you need a refresher, we’ve been on a mission to build a smart wallet for digital identity since October 2020, because, especially in the age of AI, we believe people should have full ownership over their data & digital breadcrumb trail.


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Eye-LL Be Your 1 & Only

Maybe it’s my love for a juicy conspiracy, or my knack for seeing esoteric meanings, or perhaps my imagination just loves a good workout. Whatever it is, there’s a blatant red flag in my line of sight, and that’s @SAMA and his questionable humanitarian act.

Now, let’s make something clear—this is all my personal take, not grounded in any hard facts. Just my perspective, you know, to keep the lawyers off our backs.

So, here’s the scoop: Sam kicks off OpenAI as a non-profit, cashing in on the rep he built at Y-Combinator. Then, like magic, he turns this organization into a profit-making venture that gives us ChatGPT, and now he’s gunning for stricter AI regulation to protect his turf.

As if that’s not enough to make your skin crawl, the guy sees where AI and blockchain cross paths. But instead of thinking, “How can I empower folks and dodge the drawbacks of web2?” he’s doubling down, cooking up a Brave New World that reads like an Orwellian nightmare.

This week, he’s launching a crypto token tied to a digital eye scanning company—aiming to replace your driver’s licenses and passports. But hey, we called that one ages ago.

Image Source: Bloomberg

Now, if Sam can drum up any real buzz with ChatGPT & WorldCoin under his belt, he could lure people into a digital identity surveillance system and sell it to governments. This turns China’s social governance into a seemingly free-market model, but that’s precisely why this is simply a conspiratorial opinion.

As for it catching on, my only worry in the US at least, is that an emergency situation could give the government an excuse for increased surveillance—something it seems to want anyway, given its recent launch of its own Central Bank Digital Currency.

playhaus BTS

Chatting product for a moment. We just started tracking some important stuff there [read KPI’s], and we’re gearing up to dive into our fresh vision for the internet [read shipping lines of code].

Now, we’ve had this picture in our heads since the get-go: playhaus at the center of things, crafting a slick way for everyone to dive into a public, shared data playground. Mostly as a slick front-end for consumers to interact with a personal data vault.

The magic trick up our sleeve? We’re taking something already cool—Zero-Knowledge Proofs—and revamping it’s branding into a Double-Blind Compute system. Sounds nerdy, but it’s big news for anyone who knows why stats matter or works in academia.

But more than just shiny talk. Our Social-System Governance is a rock-solid solution that takes the best bits from political & computer sciences to handle all the ins and outs of a running a decentralized network.

Enough talk. Let’s dive into our vision of the future internet:

Figure 1.

In Figure 1. a wallet module makes a request [0] to X platform to use an app, AI, or view content, and that request is routed [0] through the social-system governance to authenticate the user, platform, and requested function; assuming access is adequately permissioned the request passes to X platform [0]. X platform logs the request to its system [1], triggering a request to the double-blind computer [1]. The double-blind computer [2] processes the triggered request, sending outputs directly to the originating wallet [2], while X platform [2] receives functional outputs & aggregate insights in parallel.

Now, for the investors and lawyers in the crowd, don’t panic. I’m not spilling my secrets. This is a public infrastructure letting any company whip up a platform for wallets or other community features.

The AI inside? It’s a democratic system that only gets smarter as more folks build on it. And there’ll be more players than just playhaus. That’s a foundational piece of what makes us different than the emerging hydra, with heads ChatGPT & WorldCoin barking for a Tartarus to guard.

In this new internet, it’s all about brand rep, audience size, and who’s tuning in. That’s why we’re setting up shop as a content brand with a sprinkle of SaaS. 😉 


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