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Imagination is our limit, and we are on a mission to help all people on the internet retake ownership over their digital identity & data bread crumb trail in order to ensure freedom and accountability for all users.

We believe Common Ground, not division & compromise, is key in governing our shared online space. By developing a global dictionary for computers to know the standard functions and pieces of data, we can provide users control over their data.

Ch. 1 Media Economy





We know that the advertising economy is built around sponsoring media content, and uses consumer behavior and demographic patterns to do it.

We are building a cooperatively owned platform that enables content creators to flip the script on existing media aggregators.





With our data management platform & pooling service in place from helping content creators, it makes sense to help mom & pop businesses across the country save money advertising their businesses.

From there we can expand our tooling to offer a full suite of business intelligence & automation.

Ch. 2 Main Street Economy

Ch. 3 STEM Economy





The core of our innovation revolves around creating a standardized byte for logging observations in timeseries analysis and using web3 technologies in order to create a double-blind environment for AI systems.

Our aim is build strategic partnerships with leading academic researchers across disciplines to expand the scientific observations available to power the network.





The tool was built as a management suite for organizing communities of people to accomplish goals, and that data that represents those entities and activities.

With the solution rigorously tested in the private markets, it is our aspiration to empower local governments with tools to make improvements to their community at a hyper local level and provide a next generation engagement suite for the public to hold their representatives accountable.

Ch. 4 Management Economy


Connor Ricardo Borrego

Hey, I’m Connor. I used to be an AI product expert at Google specializing in scaling advertising investments. My academic background includes a masters of science focusing on large data systems for business intelligence, and a bachelors in politics and entrepreneurship. You could say I’m a bit of a nerd.

In June 2020 I went through a “dark night of the soul”, that left me asking if I found any meaning in the dreams I’d achieved to date. I’ve lead a blessed life, and I believe this project is how I can pay it forward.

October 2020
Connor Leaves Google
With an idea to build a new type of user database built on the blockchain and help small business owners save money on ads with it, Connor knew he could operate as a traditional digital media agency offering services to bootstrap product development & growth.
October 2020
March 2021
Cas Joins to Launch AMS
At Google, Connor had to speak to many small business owners, who desperately were looking for solutions to improve their advertising efficiency, but wasn't given the bandwidth to support them. Wanting to develop a platform to educate main street business owners, Casimir Stone joins the project to lead media & content production.
March 2021
September 2021
Pivot to Culture H0R
Main Street businesses didn't make ideal clients for our pre-product business, as service delivery costs didn't balance with the payout. Fortunately we were already actively involved in the ongoing NFT bull-market, and decided to cover news in web3 from a socio-cultural perspective to build an audience more aligned with our mission.
September 2021
February 2022
Relocate to Kansas City
Being a remote first organization, typical web3, lifestyle changes for our primary founder lead him to Kansas City, MO, where we've proudly rooted our new brand's HQ. The diverse media & technology talent in the area is well suited to our market entry and we've found the entrepreneurial environment collaborative and inviting.
February 2022
November 2022
Rebrand to playhaus
With our agency operating under the name Emergent Digital & our product offering being branded as UniPro, communicating our current business model & vision to investors and other key partners was challenging. While maintaining the UniPro name was considered, playhaus fit our brand much better. Solomon officially joined the team as a co-founder.
November 2022
February 2023
Close Friends & Family Round
UniPro recieved a grant from the State of Michigan in December 2021 to receive legal services to incorporate the business. With those services a rolling Friends & Family investment round was opened to close on Valentine's Day of 2023. The round closed with $110k funds raised.
February 2023
May 2023
Accepted into Solana Accelerator
The Solana University is a non-profit entity associated with the Solana Foundation that aims to increase adoption of & development on the Solana blockchain and offers non-dilutive grants to support projects that benefit the eco-system. Our project was accepted into the initial cohort of projects they are supporting.
May 2023
July 2023
Carla Joins to Help Us Scale Up
With a plethora of startup operating experience & a background in the music industry, Carla Viegas-Barber is an ideal co-founder to come onboard & grow our people operations.
July 2023
July 2023
Win Digital Sandbox KC
A $20k development grant awarded to 4 of the most promising technology startups every quarter through the Innovation Center at UMKC. This funding is allowing us to build value from our existing customer base and scale our operations.
July 2023
September 2023
Win HackMidwest web3
A $5k cash prize awarded to the best web3 project built in 24 hours. We built groken, the grocery list app that pays you to tokenize your household consumption and restocking, while being a useful tool for moms.
September 2023
November 2023
Matt Joins to Take Over Dev
With 25+ years experience in webs 1 & 2, Matt is ready to take his data engineering expertise to the next level in web3. His understanding of the importance of good object & table design is critical to our core product.
November 2023

Introducing growbot

Your friendly growth companion in the digital world!

Imagine having a buddy who’s a whiz at handling your ad campaigns, making sure every penny counts. growbot isn’t just smart; it’s also about empowering you with your data, all jazzed up with web3 magic.

This means you’re not just running ads; you’re mastering the art of data ownership and intelligence.

So, whether you’re an ad agency guru or a client looking to get savvy with your ads, growbot’s here to make things a breeze and a whole lot of fun!

This dApp is being built on the Solana Blockchain.

Goals Looking Ahead

6 Week Outlook
Have alpha version of growbot application where agencies & business owners can sign in with a solona wallet, connect their account data, and earn rewards while saving money on their advertising investments.
3 Month Outlook
Complete growbot V1. Onboard 5 paying SaaS customers to manage digital media promotion spend, have 100+ startups on platform.
6 Month Outlook
Raise pre-seed round. Sign 3 Marketing Agency software distribution partnerships. Launch self-serve ad buying platform to EZMainstreet users, and other digital media management agencies.
1 Year Outlook
Be partnered with 30 Marketing Agencies across the United States. Launch EZ Main Street Community & release first public version of the playhaus smart wallet. Partner with media management agencies that cater to main street businesses.
1.5 Year Outlook
Raise seed round. Finalize solution for double-blind ai, that leverages homomorphic encryption to transparently log data to the blockchain & secure it in a smart wallet. Add more robust business automation tooling to existing product.
2 Year Outlook
Raise Series A. Release first public version of double-blind decentralized AI system. Enter STEM economy pursuing partnerships with leading academic research institutions.

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