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Anticipate 7 seasons of releases over 4 years, starting July 4, 2024. Get ready to grill and enjoy the show!

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Groups reclaiming control of words is an important part of the life and death of cultural cycles, like Ye trying to flip the meaning of the stars & bars. playhaus intends to redefine the understanding of a “player.” But why? The power of symbolism. As a species we repeatedly demonstrate that we attach and decipher meaning left from past cultures in the way they depict life in the world around them and the artifacts they are contained within. Some symbols persist with the same meaning throughout time, some are perverted along the way, and others are reclaimed.

The point is, symbolism is used to pass wisdom throughout time as much as it is used to identify with the spirit of a present subcultural movement. We are all just playrs in the grand unfolding of life’s books, donning the roles that feel most natural to us. playhaus intends to build a new vision for collaborative economics, and we know it’ll take a diverse cast of characters. 

The intent behind playhaus’ NFT project is to inspire wonder and appreciation for the cultural artifacts that inspire us, and that we build community around. You can customize your PFP with your favorite tokens from movies, tv, music, sports, and pop culture. We hope you find yourselves in our project, and join the community.


Locked-In Pricing, OBO

We all remember when apple released the ifone with att and they offered the unlimited data plan for $30 / mo, eventually the price crept to $100+, people were grandfathered into their early pricing, until they weren’t. playhaus playr NFTs are a guarantee to the holders to access our most favorable early pricing models for supporting our journey, and create a unique incentive to hold onto our project.

playhaus is taking to market a growth marketing suite that allows content creators & brands to reclaim ownership over their audience data and use it to help them grow their following.

Mission Driven Vision

playhaus is utilizing the financial benefit of extracting and organizing the data that content creators, brands, and audiences that engage with their platforms, create, as a sustainable economic model for creating a privacy preserving, information superhighway.

We envision a future internet where individual users permission access to their privately held data, contained in a smart wallet, under their complete control if they so choose. Using full homomorphic encryption, we will create a protocol to track the state changes of metadata to the blockchain and license them to ai systems for training and other use cases.

VIP Community Experience

When you purchase a playhaus playr NFT you can be confident that 1 SOL will go to paying the artists’ behind the project, 1 SOL will go to the engineers’ behind playhaus’ protocol, and 1 SOL will go into a community treasure that will be governed by the community via multi-sig wallet, but will be staked accumulating SOL with the Phantom validator, until we are funded enough to launch our own.

Community funds will be used for in-person activations, and funding projects from the community that want to build out and commercialize new dApps on top of the playhaus ecosystem.

Additionally playr NFT holders will be eligible to list a business as a partner of playhaus and get an official listing page on this site.

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Become a playr by securing one of the first 256 NFTs, a key to unlocking lifetime benefits. As part of an exclusive group, you’ll lock in the current or any future lower prices on playhaus software, ensuring unparalleled access and savings.

Over the next four years, anticipate seven thrilling seasons of NFT releases, that are progressively larger, each locking-in value and excitement. The journey begins on July 4th, 2024—prepare for a festive launch with a full firework display. Don’t miss out on becoming a foundational member of this innovative venture. Secure your playr NFT and be part of the spectacle!


We envision a future where millions, potentially billions, of users operate on top of the open source identity management & data custody protocol, playhaus is contributing to the development of. Which is why our NFT project features an ambitious community size of 144k NFTs, which we hope to reward our customers with for adopting our technology & let early supporters to stake interest in supporting the future value of our platform.

We are a few years into our journey, the average unicorn startup takes 5-8 years to go from beginning to IPO, we expect playhaus to be household name by the BTC halving of 2028, the question is which SZN will you join our mission? Put your paypr, where your mouth is.

Road to 144k

Visionaries - sn0bs, tr0lls, and th0t leaders; those who test new things as they come out and lament about how much better things on the internet could be if this version of surveillance capitalism hadn't ruined it.
Early Adopters - Our GTM product revolves around supporting media, entertainment, brand, and growth professionals with an AI powered business suite to be more effective at monetizing their unique value.
Chasm Crossers - Achieving product market fit as a business growth software for media & portfolio based businesses, means expanding to multiple verticals from musicians & athletes to fashion & nutrition influencers.
Main Street - Entering the territory of our true mission, arming main street businesses with the tools to compete in web3. Salons & Boutiques, Law Firms & Dr.'s Offices, Real Estate, and a whole slew of trades businesses.
Normies - Honey, we're heading home. Venturing out into supporting consumers with our data management tools, we intend to release a homeOS, that will make managing household expenses and activities an afterthought.
Institutional Acceptance - Banks, governments, hospitals, schools, utilities, and more will benefit from a bottoms approach to market deployment, providing community organizing tools in parallel to traditional local systems, pursuing adoption & integration as the preferred outcome.
Laggards - former badmouthing, bandwagoners who get onboard, because everyone else is already inside having a good time without them.

Meet the Leading Cast & Crew

Our team comprises former X Big Tech professionals, industry leaders, award-winning content creators, seasoned business operators, and Web3 oracles. Together, we have the expertise to make a real impact.

We are incredibly proud of the team we are building and hope you’ll support our mission to help even then Kens of the worlds to take ownership over their data and value of their online presence.


Casimir M. Stone

Lore Master

David Steele Overholt

Art Director

Waleed Ajibola

Static & Motion, Graphic Design

Madison J. Spence

Patron, Artist

Braden Timmons

UI / UX Designer

Zoe Abner

Graphic Design, Branding


Connor Borrego

CEO, Data Scientist

Matthew Copple

CTO, Data Engineer

Alejandro Borrego

PM, Front-End Systems


Paul Epp

Product, Revenue

Muhammed Abdul

Community Director

Branden Hughes

Creative & Campaign Strategy

Richard Chungong Jr.

Partnerships, SMBs

Hannah Gansert

Operations Associate

Past playrs

playhuas has gone by several names over it’s 3 year journey: UniPro, Emergent Digital, sn0b, Bouge, Culture H0R, Arming Main Street, but like a rose no matter what you call us we’ve had the same mission & product at our core. 

Our brand legacy will always be a part of us, these are the faces that have helped playhaus to find itself, and for that we are grateful. And with any luck we’ll be able to reactivate them in the future.

Matthew Pierce

Data Science, Full Stack

Kevaughn Jackson

Strategy, Finance

Amnah Omran

Data Science, NFT Advisor

Kendall Poindexter

Systems Design, Media Talent

Solomon Amoako


Carla Viegas-Barber


Joshua Wee

web3 Dev

Andrés Borrego

Marketing Associate

Elliana Roberts

Marketing Associate

Sofia Syvolap

UI / UX Design

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