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Connor Borrego

August 2, 2023

August is here, and can you believe it’s only Wednesday? I swear, yesterday drained my lifeforce, and today I feel like a walking zombie! But hey, let’s power through because the information I’m about to share is golden, even in my slightly undead state! 🧟‍♂️

Let’s get to the exciting stuff: our month in review has one word written all over it—GROWTH! And guess what? We’re not stopping there. Brace yourselves, because we’re taking this growth train full speed ahead into September and beyond! So, do us a solid and invite some folks to join this exhilarating journey. You won’t regret it! 🚀

– Connor

*if you need a refresher, we’ve been on a mission to build a smart wallet for digital identity since October 2020, because, especially in the age of AI, we believe people should have full ownership over their data & digital breadcrumb trail.


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      (Price changes reflect past 7 days as of 8.2.23 @ 4:20 PM EST.)

The playBASKET is a group of cryptocurrencies, commodities, & securities that Connor hand selects for reasons he may or may not expound upon in an ad hoc manner via this newsletter.

$AFIB, more like aye-nt fibbin’

Most of you have probably never come across Actus Medical, a biotech company in the cardiovascular space based out of Carlsbad, CA. Except for the few family members reading this (Thanks Dad, Maddie, Mom, and everyone else!), who might know about it. So, let me be upfront and disclose that I have a completely biased and warped perspective on this stock, as my wife works there and I have a keen interest in its financial success.

Now, while I’m going to share what I like about Acutus and the problem they are tackling, I must clarify that I’m not your typical analytical egghead. I like to approach things from the perspective of the end consumer, which means I’ll be less technical and more colloquial – but I bet you’re wondering why I’m throwing a random stock tip at you.

Well, it’s simply because playhaus believe that all topics of conversation exist within the realms of the data and information economy, and we’re working on building a smart wallet for consumers. From hair stylists and teachers to scientists and leading sales executives, we’re starting with content creators because they find it most useful. And today I’m making content on a medical company.

So, what’s the deal with $AFIB, and what does she bring to the table? To start, AFIB stands for atrial fibrillation, a heart condition that affects one-third of Americans during their lifetime. It’s responsible for making your heart skip a beat or suddenly start racing, which isn’t fun at all.

If you happen to be one of the lucky individuals facing this health issue, historically, you’d be put on a multitude of pills and might undergo various medical and device interventions over time, all under the watchful eyes of your cardiologist and the electrophysiologist they’d refer you to. It’s a booming business, given the number of people dealing with this.

But let me tell you, as it stands today, the current solutions to $AFIB are only successful at taking care of the problem about 40-50% of the time. Not a massive improvement since the procedure went mainstream 25 years ago, and that’s because current technologies don’t have a live stream of electrical activity in the heart. They’re essentially using statistics to burn tissues that are nothing more than confident guesses on the source of the heart problem. Enter Acutus with its ultrasound technology that can livestream the electrical conductivity inside the heart, allowing doctors to see the source of anomalies in real time. Now, that’s some game changing.

And if the emerging, sweet sounds of product market fit in a massive consumer market for a cost-reductive, and proactive healthcare solution don’t sound great, the company is also coming out of a massive executive shuffle that saw the CFO brought in to reprioritize business based on the numbers that are going to drive profitable growth – perfect for our unstable macro environment.

Source: Google

The company IPO’d in August 2020 at around $25 per share, and though it deflated slowly at first, it’s now in its current price range of about $0.75. I can’t say they’ll see the sky-high values they opened at, but I’m certainly betting on this company to claw its way to a sizable market-share. You know what they say, “Fortune favors the bold!” and I’m feeling pretty bold about this one.

As for it catching on, my only worry in the US at least, is that an emergency situation could give the government an excuse for increased surveillance—something it seems to want anyway, given its recent launch of its own Central Bank Digital Currency.

playhaus BTS

July sizzled in the playhaus, and Kansas City wasn’t spared either! We’ve been burning the midnight oil, dedicating most of the month to perfecting our project deliverable scoping to make the best use of our grant winnings. Tomorrow, we’re pumped to meet with the fantastic Charlotte Clark at UMKC to iron out the finer details.

Last week’s newsletter gave you a sneak peek of our Lite Paper, but fear not! We’re gearing up to unleash the full information next week, so stay tuned.

Oh, and those deals we’ve been teasing? They finally closed, and our sales team partners proudly secured their first official wins! Our quick turnaround delivery campaign was a handful, but boy, did we deliver.

playhaus May 2023 - July 2023

With a renewed focus on business development & outreach in our agency, we are excited to start seeing some early results into the efforts we have been putting in. The results have us celebrating a healthier MRR of $6.8k.

Meeting counts in the month of July across the sales team were light with our cold outreach email messaging only coming live again after a several month hiatus two weeks ago. Looking ahead to the month of August, there will be a lot of focus on product development, customer onboarding, and client delivery… but there’s always still room for growth!

We are looking for opportunities to support more brands if you, or someone you know, is looking to be more efficient with their digital advertising money.


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