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Connor Borrego

July 5, 2023

First off, I hope the fireworks aren’t still ringing in your head this late in the day, but if they are cheers to what was probably an epic holiday celebration.

Some of you last heard from us writing under the brand name UniPro, while others of you read Culture H0R, and many of you have signed up for updates under our new consolidated brand name, playhaus; but like a rose we still smell sweet whatever you call us.

This is a community/investor/voyager oriented weekly newsletter published late on Wednesdays, where we look at some economic value, speculate on the state of culture, specifically on the internet, and share some updates about how the business sides of this project are going.

These are just the thoughts of a delusional futurist with the hope of a brighter future, so take everything with that in mind.

– Connor Borrego, CEO playhaus

*if you need a refresher, we’ve been on a mission to build a smart wallet for digital identity since October 2020, because, especially in the age of AI, we believe people should have full ownership over their data & digital breadcrumb trail.


  • SOLANA +21.18% | $19.26

  • BITCOIN +0.87% | $30,412.39

  • CHAINLINK +7.73% | $6.25

  • ETHEREUM +4.00% | $1,905.41

    (Price changes reflect past 7 days as of 7.5.23 @ 4:20 PM EST.

The playBASKET is a group of cryptocurrencies & equities that Connor hand selects for reasons he will expound upon in an ad hoc manner via this newsletter.

the headless WAY

Alright, let’s kickstart this edition with a riff on a riff, an idea we’ve been jamming to for ages: crypto needs a real quest. And just to be clear, as we’ve belted out before, DeFi, my friends, ain’t the band we’re booking.

The whispers of a homegrown CBDC (*hint: FedNow *wink) are circling faster than a viral dance on TikTok. Meanwhile, an India-style drama looms large in our feeds. Add to this cocktail a dash of social media ban calls, a sprinkle of government meddling, and a twist of AI gnawing at our knowledge value. Now more than ever, crypto-tech and decentralized cloud systems gotta step up to the plate, solving our freedom and accountability puzzles in this online and offline maze.

Digital identity might spook some, but let’s be real, in our one-footprint world, it’s crucial that our ID checkers aren’t all in one basket. It’s all about maintaining a reasonable level of privacy and personal rights, something only achievable with these fresh-out-the-oven web3 tech.

Our beloved internet is a bustling data highway, but its current structure is peppered with redundant bumps, rights violations, and dubious info-spreading toll booths.

Web3, though, it’s like the band without a frontman. It doesn’t cater to the idea of exclusive code-based IP; it’s more like a shared cloud concert. And sure, rocking a band without a lead singer is tricky, but we firmly believe web3 is strumming the chords of freedom and accountability for all online users. And that, folks, is what web3 should be jamming to.

playhaus BTS

Remember us? We’re that high-voltage digital ad, email marketing, AI, and web dev shop catered to the big spenders, especially those in the music biz. And for the newcomers, that’s our recipe for keeping the lights flickering.

It’s been one heck of a ride this year. We’ve added five superstars to our crew, watched our revenue climb, and scored some sweet tickets including one to the Solana blockchain accelerator. Keep your eyes peeled for some thrilling updates. Tomorrow’s news drop will be a exciting, but we’ll spill the beans next week.

We’re still tinkering with our product, but now we’ve got the dream team and a blueprint in our hands. Watch this space, as we may soon announce a financial push to catapult us to the launch pad.

Why the resurrection of this newsletter? I’m here to offer you a backstage pass into our company’s vital stats and priorities. It’s time for some VIP access to our world, from department ins-and-outs to top-floor buzz.

playhaus April 2023 - June 2023

Consider us an early-stage digital support agency, fused with a tech start-up, we know its a unique blend. We’ve seen our ad management recurring revenue hop from $1.5k to a cool $7.5k monthly, all thanks to a blossoming client and a fresh deal we sealed today. Until now, our lifeline’s been development project work.

What’s the big spend? Tech vendors, our squad, and all that legal and admin jazz, especially as we’re powering up for our NFT project comeback, flanked by our in-house SPL token.

This week? It was all about putting the finishing touches on our web2 & web3 MVP project scopes and reigniting the communication flame with you all. Check and check, and now, I’m off to a belated 4th of July shindig on a sandbar in Ft. Randall, SD.

Next week, we’re pulling back the curtain on our CRM and sales stats as we ramp up the agency side of our biz, courting future clients for our self-serve, AI-amped ad buying software.


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