How to Start a Business

Dr. Business

November 14, 2022

We’re built on one belief: anyone can be their own business. Whether employee or executive, entrepreneur or creator, there are countless benefits to launching, building, and growing a business — and almost as many tall tales about what it takes to do so. Follow along as we demystify the process of starting a business, one step at a time. 

Businesses exist to solve problems for people, or organizations of people, in exchange for money, by selling them a solution. All businesses are involved in the selling of some combination of (1) digital or physical (2) products or services to (3) businesses or consumers. Most business models are focused on a single intersection of these components, but some provide all of the above.

Starting a business can be as big or as small of an undertaking as you intend. To start a business, you must be organized, understand your strengths and weaknesses in the marketplace, and develop a network of people around you who will support your business’ development. For first time business operators, we suggest keeping your business model as simple as possible.

While there are many reasons should legally establish your business right away, you can and should be patient in determining what your business is and how your business will make money.

What does every business need to do get started?

In 2022 formation documents are just the starting point, software for accounting, sales management, website management, and customer communications are some of the common necessities to form and legally operate every business, no matter the industry or model. Yes, you can get away without registering an LLC, tracking expenses, or building a digital presence while you’re getting started, but the longer you wait to start these activities, the more it will cost you in the long term.

  • Incorporate Your Business
  • Establish Digital Presence
  • List Essential Activities
  • Business Basics Crash Course
  • Joining A Community of Other Business Owners

Click on any of the items above to learn more about how to complete the items or why they are important.

Where are you at with your business?


Stage 1

You're still figuring it out. I mean you're on a webpage called How To Start A Business after all. No shame. Start from the top with a crash course on everything you need to do before you...



Stage 2

You've made your first few sales. You have a couple clients salivating for your work. How do you keep them and land more? Businesses need a solid foundation. Gather the blocks to...



Stage 3

Your business is structurally sound and could be booming. At least, if you know how to cultivate it correctly. Take it from the experts, the savants, or simply evolution. There are infinite ways to...


Why start a business?

Beyond the typical reasons for starting a business — driven by mission, financial freedom, or simply a sense of accomplishment — being a business can be an essential component of:

  • Political participation, for those who wish to amplify their voice and impact institutional change.
  • Mental fortification, for those in the process of expanding their understanding and perspective.
  • Spiritual growth, for those willing to pool their time and resources to make the world a better place.

Whether you have a hobby or a creative project ready to evolve into something more, or you know exactly what product or service you want to offer the world, being incorporated as a business in the United States has countless benefits that enable you to expand your influence as a citizen shaping the direction of this country and equip you with greater resources to do so.

The immediate benefit is more money in your pocket every year, through increased tax refunds if your business is unprofitable (and you still work a real job) or, even better, lucrative streams of revenue from a business you built if you are (then you can quit your real job).

Starting a business might sound intimidating, or like a lot of work. It might also sound easy, almost too easy. There’s truth to both. It can be as simple or complex as you choose, and, without a doubt, will take time and effort to take it as far as it can go. But, if you do it well, from the start, it won’t feel like it.

If you, too, would rather never dread going to work again, you’re in the right place — the tip of the iceberg. PLAYHAUS has a sea of resources: accessible guides, free templates, affordable software, and everything else you need to be your own business.

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