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be a sn0b.

Introducing sn0b, the FIRST of many engage-to-earn models that playhaus intends to launch to help independent business owners, small businesses, and communities to reclaim ownership over their data & the value associated with it.


Music Discovery is expensive, and saving money in digital advertising comes down to how much data you have. Using sn0b musicians can seamlessly pool their audiences together to save money [30-90%] purchasing digital ads to promote their work. It works similar to Yelp, but without the value e̶x̶t̶o̶r̶t̶i̶o̶n̶ extraction.

The tokens that fans earn can be redeemed to access digital & physical collectibles, merch, and live events, or anywhere else $PAYPR is accepted. Musicians can use their tokens in the same way, but also have access to promote music clips that they list across Facebook & Google to increase streams, subscribers, merch and ticket sales.


Discover Music. Rate Clips. Earn Tokens. Work Together. Climb Leaderboards.

Common Sense.

for muscians looking to own their brand from un-discovered to superstar.

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