SYKE, Slim Shady’s Back

Connor Borrego

June 6, 2024

A lot has changed in the 8 months since I last wrote to you all. And yet, so little of the positive developments we have, are realized at this moment. So stay tuned for more.

The biggest highlights are that our team has grown to 11 members, our $paypr token is now live on the Solana blockchain, and available for purchase on the premier $sol DEX, Raydium.

We started our Seed/PreSeed round of fundraising by participating in a UMKC pitch competition last month & a conference panel speaker opportunity that lead to several follow-on meeting with client prospects. We’ve since spoken with 2 funds, and have several more scheduled in connection with those and our upcoming trip to the Collision Startup Conference in Toronto. Proposed round details are 10% for $820k, min check size is $100k, and we are planning to close by October 31st, 2024, or sooner.

While our token is purely a utility to facility using growbot, & other – future playhaus products, $paypr is another way for our supporters to get exposure to any excitement we manage to build along the way, but for as little as $.02 if they’re willing to shill it.

– Connor

*if you need a refresher, we’ve been on a mission to build a smart wallet for digital identity since October 2020, because, especially in the age of AI, we believe people should have full ownership over their data & digital breadcrumb trail.





Solana ($SOL)



Helium ($HNT)



Pyth ($PYTH)



Solend ($SLND)



(Price changes reflect past 7 days as of 6.5.24)

  • If the market tanks, will tokens dump with it? Or will tokenomics be the safehaven for value?

  • Contrary to popular belief, Helium is a great a way to fight inflation. At $4 a token, this price is surely gas; just look at all time price charts & its recent news.

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playhaus BTS

As alluded to above, in order to keep up on this newsletter and update, we are going to pair it down to just the essence of makes this ship sail. Making sure those who want to be insiders, can stay in the know about all things playhaus, from an operating perspective at least. I will still keep the playful tone, but we’ll strictly talk $paypr outside of our market check-in.

First things first, we’ve been able to sustain our new, higher MRR levels, and with any luck will be reporting even higher numbers with in the next few weeks.

What’s clear is that we are a SaaS product bootstrapping as an agency. Since shifting our strategy to this focus in Nov. 2022, we’ve grown from $2k / mo of inconsistent project work to, committed agency contracts of 6 & 12 month increments and the reason we are still here.

As many of you may recall, we won a development grant to bring our software product to life, and we’ve been in the process of an internal rollout with our agency clients to test drive it internally. The expectation is that it will be publically available for purchase, and self service onboarding, at ~$50 / mo with Google & Facebook ad buying support by September of this year; coinciding with our trip to Singapore for Solana Breakpoint.

Shameless plug, if you spend more than $5000 per month on ads — fire your agency and hire us and you’ll get early access 😉

I also teased in the very beginning of this newsletter that our biggest tout to date is the growth of our playhaus team, even though it’s only a slight uptick, you can see the impact in terms of client facing meetings. We have several contracts teetering on the edge, and it’s made feel more confident than I have felt since quitting Google to start this.

Looking ahead through the end of June and into July we’re exhibiting at the Collision Conference June 20th, dropping our revamped NFT project on July 4th, and we’ll be back in your inbox the day before hopefully with signed contracts, phat crypto bags, and 256 of the pop culture-iest NFTs you can customize.


This normally goes out on Wednesdays, and I wrote it yesterday, but I wanted to finish launching the token and adding these how to guides to accompany it before hitting send 🙂


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