el Prof

December 25, 2021

Welcome to a special edition of Culture H0R. We interrupt your regularly scheduled holiday festivities to announce the birth of our NFT collection, the sn0bs

Whether you think Chad or I write well, this has all been a proof of concept to set the infrastructure for artists to flourish on top of; as we’ve regularly alluded to since spamming your inboxes for the first time this past September.

Ownership of a single sn0b gets you early access to every artist we fuck with, and are helping to harness the power of web3 via our web2 skills, a novel advertising approach using data pooling. The larger road map is still being flushed out, but will include a cartoon series based on several of these characters within the next 2 years.


For the price of a single SO(u)L, you can make a deal with the devil to become internet famous on our dime. sn0bs are a community of creatives, collectors, curators, starving artists, and divergent thinkers. 


Like most people who are trying to start a tech project, we are looking for software devs with a strong JavaScript or Python engineering chops, or anyone whos down to fuck around with RUST. 

Message us if you want to join our DAO-not-a-DAO or hop into our discord channel here.

oh, Merry XMas if you are celebrating today…

Chad & El Prof

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