What’s The Difference Between Media, Marketing, Fake News & Propaganda?


April 30, 2021


Live from the Barn, Connor and Kendall introduce Arming Main Street Radio: an average show for average folks where ordinary hosts have extraordinary conversations.

You know those nights when a friendly Zoom call devolves into diatribe against the existence of lizard people? Yeah. This is one of those.

Our Q’s for the week:
Is social media a valid source of news? (A: Is for Asinine.)
Is the earth flat? (A: “Totally.” From the mouths of biology majors.)
(And basketball players.)

See for yourself, subscribe to the channel, and follow us everywhere @armingmainst for more news our way: basic, unbiased, and bullshit-less. #ArmYourSelf​​​​​ 🛠

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