How Will The COVID Pandemic Change Our Society & Culture?


May 14, 2021


Live from the Barn, Connor and Kendall introduce Arming Main Street Radio: an average show for average folks where ordinary hosts have extraordinary conversations.

You know those nights where you run out of substantial things to talk about so you just shoot the shit about your favorite TV shows for an hour and call it a podcast? Yeah. This is one of those.

Our Q’s for the week:
What cartoons did Connor binge? (A: Two words. Paramount Plus.)
What rabbit holes did Kendall fall down? (A: Two words. Porsche 911.)
How will that knowledge arm you in any way shape or form? (A: …)

See for yourself, subscribe to the channel, and follow us everywhere @armingmainst for more news our way: basic, unbiased, and bullshit-less. #ArmYourSelf​​​​​ 🛠

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